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Clinically Backed Ingredients

Potent Ingredients

Active Dosages

Natural Nootropics & Adaptogens

Tested Formula

Free Shipping In The USA & Canada!

Clinically Backed, Naturally Sourced.

Caffeine Anhydrous

A famous natural stimulant that increases alertness and mental focus.


A calming amino acid that improves the mental effects of Caffeine. Found in tea leaves.

Rhodiola Rosea Extract

An adaptogenic herb known for its potential to improve cognitive function & reduce stress.


A natural choline compound that aids in the creation of acetylcholine. Thereby increasing cognitive function and memory.

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How We're Used



Supports memory recall, long-term focus, brain fog, and mental focus.

Incredible for studying, or taking a high-stress test.

Gaming & E-Sports


Supports reaction time, mental focus, and alertness under stress.

Great for long and intense gaming sessions.



Supports memory recall, alertness, performance under stress, and long-term focus.

Excellent for working hard for long periods of time.



Supports physical power output, mental focus, and performance under stress.

Great for high physical and mental intensity.

Your Brain With lumi

How lumi will interact with and improve your brain and focus.

30 minutes

Initial Effects

Caffeine will stimulate your brain and nervous system. Providing fast Energy & Focus to your brain.

L-Theanine will begin to relax the body, this will allow the Caffeine to only stimulate the brain.


1 - 4 Hours

Full Absorption

Alpha-GPC will begin releasing Acetycholine into the brain, improving learning, concentration, and Focus.

Rhodiola Rosea will increase the bodies tolerance to stress by stimulating the bodies defenses against environmental stressors.


4 - 6 Hours

Full Utilization

The immediate effects of all ingredients will slowly leave the body without any crash.

Rhodiola Rosea & Alpha-GPC contain long-term brain benefits because they provide the brain with the nutrients.


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